At the restaurant next to the freeway, the Sultan...a truck driver's business (498 อ่าน)

3 ม.ค. 2562 22:43

It's also about drinking and driving. Today (Thursday) is about a restaurant that sells alcohol to a truck driver. They've been caught in secret business for over 10 years right next to the highway.

I'm reporter Yoon Doo Yeol.


The restaurant is full of customers.

There are already three or four bottles of soju on the table, and I'm going to drink a glass of soft drink.

The drunken party goes up the alley.

At the end of the road is the Mungyeong Rest Area.

Most of the passengers at this restaurant are truck drivers.

This is a makeshift entrance for employees living nearby to stop outside and enter the rest area to work.

But with such a wide open space, anyone can go back and forth.

If you go down a little bit, you'll see a bar selling alcohol down here.

Police have arrested a restaurant owner who has been selling alcohol to truck drivers since 2006.

He sold alcohol knowing he would drive.

[Cafeter: That's a driver's responsibility. 안전놀이터 You'll get caught if you search all the restaurants in Korea.]

There are more than one or two places around the rest area.

In 2016, a truck driver was caught in a van and sold alcohol at the Chupung Ridge.

The businesses caught are subject to DUI offense, but they have a low sentence and are not subject to administrative measures such as well.




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