[Integrated Camera] "I can't come." I'll take care of the insurance.Unstable proxy driving (544 อ่าน)

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Recently, more and more people are using proxy driving as they But since proxy driving is not within legal limits, it can be a big problem in case of an accident. With the current status of the unstable proxy driving industry, close-knit cameras cover the scene where the damage continues to the citizens.

I'm Jeong Won-seok.


On New Year's Day, a substitute driver, Lee Chang-bae, is waiting to drive your car out of Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

After waiting for about an hour, I missed a call for a proxy driver several times, and I got a request for driving in Namyang.

["Haerungi" (Seoul Public Bike)" or I'll run a little bit.]

Use your bike to get to where you have guests.

I ran 30 kilometers outside of Seoul and got 30,000 won.

As you can see, this is a very remote area, so I don't think there will be a taxi easily.

Since it's 11:30 p.m. now, all public transportation from Namyangju to Seoul is closed.

So let's walk out and get a taxi.

There are other chauffeurs waiting near the station.

Where are you going, guys? (Masuk) You're going out of the Mana Stones and riding in Seoul. Then let's go with you.]

In the suburbs, it has become a practice for three or four chauffeurs to split the cost of a taxi into the city center.

I went running from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. and got 55,000 won.

The company pays 20% of the fee,토토추천 but the insurance and management costs are the agency's responsibility.

[Lee Chang-bae/Doctor: We take 15,000 won per program per month, and we pay an average of 100,000 won per program. And then I'm taking care of the expenses.]

With a lot of money to lose, 'Ol's' who have poor traffic conditions are a target of avoiding the chauffeurs.

As competition between companies has intensified, more and more truckers have reported their chauffeurs to a similar business.

Sinnonhyeon Station in Seoul serves as a terminal for the chauffeurs.

They come here by cheap shuttle, or they take a shuttle back here, and they travel somewhere else, but the number of shuttles has dropped dramatically in recent years.

In particular, proxy driving is vulnerable to various accidents.

Even though the agency is insured, the guarantee is low and it does not apply to human accidents.

[Mr. Kim/Doctor: We cannot benefit from proxy driver insurance in the event of a personnel accident. So I have to ask them to take care of the customer's liability insurance.]

Four days ago, at 1 a.m. on the 30th of last month, it was an intersection in Chungcheong-do.

A vehicle that has violated the signal will hit the car on the right.

The chauffeur's breach of traffic signal caused serious injuries to the car owner, two passengers, and even to the driver of the other vehicle.

[Sister/Passenger: Despite the red light, I was just going straight, and I was hit by a car coming out of my car, and I had to operate on my friend, and one fainted...]

I was notified by text that the insurance would apply, but it was confirmed that the driver did not have insurance at all.

[K/Chaus: The company has no contact and no responsibility. How can I call a proxy driver, trust someone. I'm in a position to ask for all the victims' cars. It's like I'm gonna die, things...]

A proxy driver says, "We can't help it because my brother was driving while he was driving."

[Call Center for Proxy Driving: (Doctor) You should come out and work because your brother came out and worked...I don't have video calls when it comes to work, so I can't check it out.]

There have been a number of accidents caused by proxy driving, but since they are classified as 'free trade', there are no regulations or agencies to regulate them.

There are 300,000 proxy drivers and 200,000 chauffeurs per day on average.

Their plight in the blind spot of our society will inevitably lead to citizens' risk and inconvenience.




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